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June 13, 2021

New joint venture with Myoptik for Glawiio Music this coming Thursday

So, the Glawiio Music ‘Parallel Series 2’ CD is out this Thursday and I’m very proud that Rich Myoptik invited me to join him on this one.

Listening to it now, I’m loving the mood and contrast between our styles. I would happily describe my approach as taking influence from the 1990’s when I used to DJ and originally began making music while blending old and new with an emotive twist.

Rich is always pushing boundaries, his soundscapes and sonic flavour are truly unique and I find I’m drawn into his music more and more with each listen, ‘Ellegaic Monument’ is astounding. Truly an honour to be working alongside him on this project.  There’s only 75 of these CD’s up for grabs so if you want one, don’t sleep on it.

To start the evening there will be a 30 minute mix from each of us. Mine features tracks from Ochre, Komarebi, Idiac, SCANONE, Rolando Simmons, G-Prod, The Hidden Figure (Exalt Records), MOY, ReKaB, Gacha Bakradze, and a forthcoming track on Fourier Transform by myself.

Looking forward to seeing you there in the chat if you can make it. 🙂