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July 26, 2021

Mighty Force Album Review in The WIRE

BIG thanks to Joe Muggs for a lovely review of my Mighty Force album in the August edition of Wire magazine! 😊❤️

“Surrey’s Inkipak, on the other hand, is a lot more meticulous. As his presence on the relaunched Mighty Force (the Devon label that gave Aphex Twin his first platform) might suggest, he’s firmly in the braindance world, and his glossy acid lines and meticulous breakbeat edits would have been at home on Rephlex. But the dance part of braindance has always set it apart from the indulgences of IDM, and that’s just as true here. Inkipak’s 808s might be highly produced and his rhythms and swelling chords centred on a UK rave ethos, but his glossiness is Kraftwerkian, and his core groove is more Egyptian Lover than Slipmatt.”